WISH FOR HEROES – Military Active Duty & Veterans Buying or Selling a Home – You served us, Let us serve You

WISH FOR HEROES – Military Active Duty & Veterans Buying or Selling a Home – You served us, Let us serve You

FamilyAre you a Military Family Buying or Selling in Colorado Springs?

We are certified Military Relocation Professionals (MRP) certified by the National Association of REALTORS® qualified to serve you.

**Our Services are FREE to all Buyers**
**We work with Any Bank or Lender to include USAA.**

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How are our services Free to all Buyers? Well in Colorado sellers pay the buyer agent commissions so as to entice buyers to buy their home. If you go directly to the listing agent they are just going to double dip on the transaction, you won’t save money, and you’ll end up without true representation.


Should you get orders and have to move quickly, that can be somewhat stressful. We have several options for you should that mean listing your home on the market traditionally all the way down to a last resort of us buying your home from you. We can customize the selling program to meet your specific needs.

We offer 1% Sell & Buy Rebate (of the Purchase Price of the home you are buying) to all Active Duty and Veterans!
For example, we help you sell your current house and if you buy a house for $200,000 you get $2,000 back at closing.


Whatever Bank or Lender you are working with, to include USAA, we can serve you best. Don’t have a particular lender, then perhaps you may want to try one of our partnering Direct Lenders if you want more local personalized help. They can even do VA loans down to a 580 credit score depending on your entire loan profile. Whatever the case get your home buying plan in place as early as possible so when the right time comes you are ready to buy. Some people are ready immediately yet others need several months to work on various credit items they were not aware of.

We offer .5% Buyer’s Rebate (of the Purchase Price) to all Active Duty and Veterans!
For example, buy a house for $200,000 and you get $1,000 back at closing.

  1. By using your VA loan, you can get in to a house with no money down.
  2. Credit scores can be as low as 580 depending on your entire loan profile. It is most common that anywhere you go, a 620 score is required for a VA loan.
  3. If we structure the deal right, you can get money to pay towards a credit card or other debt at closing.
  4. Get .5% of (Purchase Price) back to you at closing. That is $1,000 on a $200,000 home purchase.
  5. Disabled Vets – there are 3 VA Grants, not loans, some as much as up to $64,960 depending on the home situation and living arrangements. This is even a family member owned home in which the disabled veteran is living. This money assists to make the home more accessible and mobile for a disabled Vet.

*Check out the Fact Sheet on the VA-Guaranteed loan program here: VA Home Loan Benefit Fact Sheet

We can help you get in to a home for less than the cost of renting. In most cases you will end up in a better financial situation if you buy a home instead of renting. Did you know that 90% of VA buyers buy with no money down. Did you also know that less than 15% of Veterans have taken advantage of the VA loan program, that is hard to believe. So take advantage of this great benefit afforded to you, you’ve certainly earned it.

We Love our Active Duty & Veterans! Thank you So Much for your Service!

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