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Why Jerrod Butler & Wish Property Group?

1. Customized Selling Plan with accountability to get the results you need.
2. If you Sell your existing home and Buy another with us you get an upfront 1% discount off REALTOR® fees.
3. We List Your Home on the Pikes Peak MLS
4. We List Your Home on the Denver Metro MLS (many buyers come from Denver)
5. Guaranteed Sale of Your Home or we’ll buy it option available.
6. Massive Internet marketing exposure to over 300 internet marketing syndicates to reach potential buyers.
7. Professional Photography of your Home.
8. 360 Virtual Tour of your Home.
9. 90 minute Professional Staging Consultation (if you desire).
10. Consultation to help you determine what upgrades will maximize your profit.
11. Showing Time Automated Scheduling and Feedback system. (feedback from Buyers/Agents that show your home)
12. Electronic Lockbox that logs access to your property.
13. Weekly reporting on marketing efforts and market analysis of comparable properties.
14. Additional Social Media “Showcasing” of your property to get you Massive Internet Marketing exposure.
15. Sign in the Yard and directional signs to your Home. (if logistically feasible)
16. Flyers placed curbside and in the Home.
17. Minimum of 4 hours of Open House time. (should you desire)

How Much Lead Time Do You Need to Sell Your Home?

You are going to need 60 days at least to get prepared to sell your home. You should plan for a few weeks that your home will be on the market depending on what you price it at and how desirable your home is. We can typically pinpoint within a few days as to how long we think your home will be on the market before you get it under contract. Once you get your home under contract then it takes about 30 to 40 days for the average buyer to do the inspections and appraisals needed to get the loan funded and close within that time.

Listing Presentation – Next Steps, Call Today 719-SELL-NOW (719-422-9474)

Call to schedule an appointment with one of our REALTORS® who will come out and preview your home and go through a Listing Presentation.

The Listing presentation would be an opportunity to review the listing and selling process in more detail with the REALTOR® face to face. The listing presentation would be an introduction to get to know each other and go over considerations that relate directly to your property situation.

A preview or tour of the home would be done and a more extensive Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) would be reviewed in detail. A Net proceeds breakdown would be drafted up which details how much you could get in Net proceeds with all the fees, taxes, commissions, and possible repairs needed.

The end goal of the on-site consultation would be to hammer out details in a listing agreement such as commissions, pricing strategy, and timing. It is perfectly understandable that you may need more time to process after the first consultation. There is no obligation after this consultation, we can part ways as friends or continue on in getting your home sold. You can look at this as an interview process in determining if you want to hire us. We would love to work with you, give us a call and let’s get you on the move!

3 Key Factors in Selling a Home

Price, Condition, and Marketing are the 3 primary factors to effectively selling a home. Price, as it relates to Condition in comparison to other recently sold properties, is key to getting the pricing right. Marketing is also very important. Because internet marketing is so important, we syndicate your home out to over 300 internet vendors to maximize your exposure on the internet. We also “Showcase” your property through Social Media such as Facebook which gets you massive internet marketing exposure. We also pay for a 90-minute Professional Home Staging Consultation and Professional Photography when you list with us because it is so important. Staging helps make the pictures look very good on the internet and you only get one first impression when someone walks in the door.

Sell Houses in Colorado Springs

If you are looking to sell your house in Colorado Springs and can’t seem to find a buyer or the real estate agent that you have hired isn’t helping you good enough, then we are the ones you can count on! Wish Property Group has been offering quick home sale services in the area for many years now! We are the fast house sale company that buys houses from our customers and help them sell their homes quickly, ensured with fast cash returns! Our company is customer oriented and we don’t require our clients to renovate or remodel their homes. Our preliminary inspections will illuminate our requirements and we make sure to offer you a quote within 24 hours; that we guarantee will be at a better markup rate than the real estate market you’ve been busing through. You can rely on us any time when you need to sell houses in Colorado Springs because we are the ones that will help you in selling them quick. We’ll find the right buyers for your home because of our vast connection network. Our realtors will contact any buyer available and make sure that your house is sold within weeks, not months!

Effective Pricing Strategy

Neither you nor do we really set the value of your home, the market does. By generating a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) and visiting the home to look at condition first hand, we can tell what fair market value is and how long we can expect before it sells, the numbers don’t lie. Factoring in current market conditions and calculating the absorption rate is very important just as well to project at what price and when the home will sell.

You should be mindful that it is ethically wrong for a REALTOR® to list your home too high without letting you know, in order to just make you happy and get you to list with them (reference National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Article I – Standard of Practice 1-3)(http://www.realtor.org/governance/governing-documents/the-code-of-ethics). This is playing on emotion and not logically looking at the numbers or other facts around an effective pricing strategy. It’s OK to initially set the price high to test the market as long as there are full disclosure and understanding with the seller. Setting the price too high initially can allow for perceived value and negotiating room, but it is risky. Starting too high and dropping the price later misses the excitement and fails to generate strong activity. If you do set the price high initially, it is recommended to schedule price reductions regularly.


When You Are Ready, Give Jerrod a Call, 719-SELL-NOW (719-422-9474)

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